Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First laser treatment

I had 2 appointments, one for the bottom leg and one for the thighs (it also include the hair spots on the feet). I shaved in the morning, and when I got to the clinic the esthetician gave me a bathrobe. After, she used a highlighter to mark sections on my legs, then she put gel and used the laser. When she finished a section she put a wet towel on the skin and went to the next one. It didn’t hurt so much, beside for the region near the pubis where the hair is bigger and darker. I think it took like 1h30 to do the bottom leg. During the treatment you could already see that some hair was dead, it made small black dots on the surface of the skin. After the treatment it is normal to have red skin for a while and it will be sensitive. It was two weeks ago and most of the hair is growing waaaay slower, normally it grows back in 2 days. Next appointment is in a month.

You can message me if you have questions, I’ll try my best to answer :)


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