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there is nothing inherently liberating in showing skin

there is nothing inherently liberating in covering up

the liberation lies in the choice


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Il paraît que les poils c’est normal. Alors pourquoi tout le monde s’offusque de la normalité?


Il paraît que les poils c’est normal. Alors pourquoi tout le monde s’offusque de la normalité?

Monday, April 21, 2014

seriously lip gloss makes me feel 10x prettier

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Sunday, April 20, 2014


Anonymous asked: Hi :) I'm a very hairy girl, and I may have PCOS, because I have slight acne and hair in places most girls don't. I'm scared of not being fertile because my biggest dream is to be a mother. Also I don´t know how to tell my mum that I want to go to the doctor to see if I have any hormonal problem. What should I do?

Hello! I live in Canada, so it may be different where you live, but after 14 years old you can go see a doctor alone and your parents don’t need to know. But I guess it could be difficult if you live in USA and need an insurance to cover the costs. Anyway, it seems like you want to tell your mom and that’s cool too.

I would tell her how you feel about the hair and tell her that you’re scared it’s PCOS. Mostly like you did with me, but with more details. If your periods are irregular, it would be another symptom to tell her about.

When I told my mom, she didn’t take me seriously. As when she was young no one shaved much and still now she doesn’t shave her legs when she wear shorts and dresses. So she just answered something like everyone has hair, why do you worry about that? She was in denial that I had more hair than average. So, if something like this happens to you, you have to insist more, maybe not the same day, but if you keep taking about it and you precise how bad it makes you feel, she’ll realize it’s important for you. But maybe she will respond positively right away and you won’t have to insist. Like when I told my dad, he didn’t really see a problem but as he saw it bothered me he propose to pay for a private doctor right away.

I hope this helps, good luck! c:

Im taking a tumblr break for two weeks, I have a lot of exams and I procrastinate too much on this site. There;s a queue, so there will still be posts. One a day like usual.

ll answer questions when I come back, but please please please look at the faq and ask archive, a lot of the questions I receive are similar and that will save us both time.

Good luck for those having exams, and I wish you all the best! Love love

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destroy this “more than friends” bullshit

destroy this disgusting fucking idea that being in a romantic relationship is more important/closer than being in a platonic relationship

destroy the idea that friendships are less than romances

destroy the idea that you need to be romantically involved with someone if you want to be really close to them

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Me n my hairy legs.

Never doing homework anymore. 

Its been almost a year since I last shaved my legs.  Last summer I spent a month in the Alaskan back country with very little access to water.  Bathing was not an option.  My leg hair was already pretty long at this point and the added month just added confidence.  Come August, my mother tried to bribe me with $50 to shave for a wedding.  I did not concede. This has been the longest my leg hair has been since I started shaving in the FOURTH GRADE.  I am hairy. I was bullied. It gave me character and somehow confidence.  I was already weird.  What do you say we drive it home (I guess I said to myself?)?

Questions/comments I usually get:

What do boys think?:  Well I don’t think its healthy to alter my body in order to attract the opposite sex, assuming that is what I’m into.  The type of people I am trying to attract are those that don’t give a shit and accept me for who I am.  If people are grossed out by me, that’s chill, I will not be seeking their intimacy.

You’re never going to get a boyfriend:  Once again, you are assuming I WANT ONE! But I do have one and have had them in the past.  They do not mind. I have have no interest in dating close-minded people or people that want to control my outer appearance.

But it’s not hygenic or clean: I still shower.

But Marni, Its just not feminine: Femininity is a social construct. I feel very feminine in my own way by celebrating the natural state of my body hair.  I wear bows, lipstick, dresses, skirts, cute socks, and do a bunch of other “feminine” things because I enjoy them.  But burping, fart jokes, and giggling about poop are also 100% on my radar.

I’m gong to think of more silly questions and comments and write at a later date.


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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Anonymous asked: Hi! I'm a Spanish girl, I just turned 17 and I've had hair problems for a while now. When I was around 11 I started waxing my arms because they were -and still are- pretty hairy. But I think it's since I was around 14 when everything else appeared. I don't know if it has been there before or I just realised then. From my nape to my ankles. Everywhere. If it was kind of blonde I wouldn't really care, but it's pretty dark and pretty visible. Do you think it may be an hormonal problem? I'm ashamed.

Hello! It’s common to grow more hair during the teen years as there’s a lot of hormonal changes related to puberty. Even if 14 years old may seem a bit old (maybe you got your period years before), it’s still normal to grow more hair, there’s still puberty changes until then and even after for some (for boys it goes until older, as their puberty starts later than girls). During teen years there’s more androgens (an hormone both girls and boys have) that stimulates hair growth, it can also make existing hair thicker and darker. Also, latino people often have more hair than white people. There’s always a possibility that it’s an hormonal disorder, but only tests and a doctor can tell you.

It’s not something to be ashamed of, even if society tells us otherwise, a lot of girls have a lot of hair but they hide it. In the end, the important thing is to do what makes you feel more comfortable. You may try to stop getting rid of it (or part of it) and see how it makes you feel. You may realize people don’t notice and its less of a big deal than you thought.

You should check the faq tag and the ask archive too, there’s more info.
I wish you the best


Me and my hairy legs are so happy with my new skirt! YAY!


Me and my hairy legs are so happy with my new skirt! YAY!